Considerations To Know About Flat Earth Conspiracy

The e-book that defines anything and he can't be bothered to browse it! I have not listened to any individual do additional faucet dancing and verbal acrobatics than this male lol

Hi Eric, happy to discover your resolve in marketing FE fact. I must say I thought of your stringent anti shill policy dictatorial After i first arrived at IFERS, esp' when, to my surprise, I had been banned myself, probably since I received a tad pressured with the religiocosis nutters, offering them a virtual kick up the arse. Any how large respect, continue combating the good struggle.x

Thanks alot for the information. You might be so appropriate about Mark Sergent. He will make the whole flat earth topic glance stupid. He's like Homer Simpson he appears to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He's un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the numerous lots of interviews he presents?

Crrow777:  would be the YouTuber at the rear of the "Lunar Wave" videos, promoted from the establishment Huffington Put up and by top rated shill Mark Sargent in pretty much each and every job interview he gives.  Crow's overall channel and every interview is dedicated to his claim that a electronic wavy-line filmed along with his large-tech cameras proves which the Moon just isn't a pure luminary, but rather a holographic projection!

Good stage what "Trend" explained, it has been on my head recently regarding how prolonged human beings might have already been here, no less than within our present sort, and as we are mindful, his-story is often the victor that writes it and after that only people who could examine and compose, which up til this existing century was only several of the pretty abundant and impressive, and just before that many background was just that, a phrase of mouth Tale, and everyone knows exactly how much that changes by Every re-telling.

  Immediately after viewing a pair minutes of my flat Earth documentary, you'll be able to watch him here owning an entire mental breakdown around The point that people today may very well be so stupid as to take into account the flat Earth subject.  He even considers ceasing all his YouTube/radio activity as a result of his utter dismay, but then receives in excess of his depression very swiftly and proceeds on.

In his job interview with Dan Lefkowitz, just after fifty minutes of speculative "proof" from "every single ancient fantasy he is uncovered" Dan asked "is there almost every other proof the Earth isn't really spinning aside from these historical texts?" At which position Mark manufactured the shilliest assertion of his occupation saying after a five second pause and extensive exhale, "If there was, I do think we'd likely website is here understand it at this time!" and nervously annoyingly laughs as he does when an interviewer asks him a straight-ahead concern.

How about the seasons? What's the path of your Sunlight in relation for the earth, that makes the seasons?

Hey Eric! I am so glad that I found your site. It has become quite challenging for me to help keep up thanks to the many misinformation popping out there in the net.

form of The full mixing truth of the matter with blatant falsehood to discredit flat earth I assume. overtly pharisee Therefore the motives are obvious.

haha.. in any case,, there is pretty much no person except my girlfriend that can speak to me concerning this topic.

I am curious... what do you think that of my channel To this point? I am open to criticism and recommendations. You are able to go away a private concept through youtube on my channel, if you would like. Sincerely,

It's awesome to know the undesirable fellas within the flat earth area, but could Now we have a listing of The great fellas? I think Russianvids is among the very good men.

All those serious about any more Perception into almost every other viewpoint but Eric's concerning the abnormal psychology Now we have inherited around any predatory dogma (much like the ball Earth) can Be happy to seem me up.

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